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In addition to aesthetic demands on individual book design, feel and material, we focus on sustainable and, if possible, vegan production. #proudtoprintvegan


We believe that together we can create new synergies in order to Unleash the creative potential in everyone.


We support ideas that bring new and old
Overcoming barriers and so creating opportunities, creative content to promote, design and publish.

Forward Thinking

We think that new technologies and other
approaches help us to create designers in
of a traditional sector.


Combining print and digital

Our exhibition publication POWER PLANTS by the Berlin artist duo kennedy+swan shows how classic print media can be transported into the 21st century: Using a smartphone app, the virtually argued images come to life, the publication becomes interactive – a symbiosis between digital and printed content.

Publish sustainably

As an art book publisher, we publish our books in a holistically sustainable way and vegan whenever possible. With the monograph of the artist Bianca Kennedy we were able to completely avoid animal components in paper, colours, thread and auxiliary materials and thus fulfil all criteria of the V-Label certification. It is important to us that our production and delivery processes are short and transparent, which is why we always work with sustainable regional and local print shops.


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Helena Melikov & Christian Dettler / © Jana Kießer

Communication and transparency

Transparent communication is important for us. Therefore, we work with project management software. Everyone involved has access to the current status of our joint project at all times, communication and decision-making channels remain short and tasks are clearly structured.

Publications on contemporary art, photography and social interest.

The current climate situation has shown how important it is for museums to act in a sustainable and thus future-proof manner when planning and producing their exhibition catalogues.

Our sustainable concepts create space for artistic and social issues. Instead of mainstream discourses, we follow inspiring perspectives that point us towards a possible future and give sustainability a value. In our open, experimental and individual processes with established and young artists, we create publications that define the possibilities of print media and consider their artistic work.

The complexity of our publications in terms of content and design is also reflected in their multilingualism – which also positions us on the international market.


Thinking exhibitions forward

Our audience-oriented concepts for exhibition catalogues ensure that the content and design requirements of the publication match the expectations of the exhibition. At the same time, the potential is used to expand the reach of the publication, the exhibition and the artists. As a publisher, our mission is to contribute to the awareness of the publication, the exhibition and the artists through social media and our distribution.

For example, the bookazine “grenzenlos” takes up the themes of the exhibition Grenzenlos: Kolonialismus, Industrie und Widerstand, the colonial heritage of the city of Hamburg, and offers further perspectives on the theme of BIPoC that also work without the exhibition in the publication.


We believe that art should create a strong connection between the artists themselves, their community and the spaces they fill with their creativity. To strengthen this connection, we offer video and photo accompaniment at vernissage or finissage in our network. The community is involved and committed through mood videos, posts and behind-the-scenes recordings.


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